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Supporting wood frame solid beech wood and stainless steel
The beech is one of the noble woods, Italian, more resistant, while steel gives the machines a resistance that lasts a lifetime! Wood is produced by intensive farming and its use in our industry does not impoverish the Italian natural heritage.

Enjoypilates has chosen to remove all components containing nickel and chromium that are contact with the hands of customers to ensure that these metals can create or continue an allergic problem.

Metal structures : All metal parts are made of stainless steel which is then subjected to etching to improve the aesthetic appearance and bring out the shine. Each welding is performed with the method TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), advanced technology that guarantees a high level of mechanical strength.

Special Metal structures : pins, joints, wheels and other components have been specifically designed and built to offer maximum strength and efficiency to various stresses.

Plastic Parts and Rubber: all of these components are made with certified materials that do not contain toxic components, allergenic or otherwise objectionable to contact the skin.

padding , the material that makes up the padding of our tools, is among the synthetic polyurethanes the latest in technology. Its ecological composition of water-based and free of CFCs, ensures air circulation and optimal humidity and temperature as well as a correct ergonomic support.

Saddlery : both leatherette upholstery that have been chosen and designed to offer maximum comfort while performing various exercises. They are products which fully meet the legal requirements for their cleanability and offer the best characteristics of wear resistance and durability. There is a wide variety of colors.

Paint : like all Pilatech production, the painting is made with water-based products: the best that is available in the market in terms of non-toxic and eco-compatibility.

Wood Beech: certificate with moisture in the fuel quality standards required
Stainless steel:
Ecopelle: allergic anti bacterial anti
Painting : non-toxic water-resistant over time